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rt.  They are a great band with great music.  Highly recommended.


TAA great original band.


Grim Prophecy.  If you like Metalica you will love these guys.

Grim Prophecy myspace




Salt InsurgenceAmazing Blues influenced Power Trio band.  

Great 3 man band with blues rock influence.





Victim Effect  



This young band is turning quite a few heads around the Salt Lake area.  They have a unique sound and know where they want to go.  Check them out.




This is your Band

These These guys are a unique experience.  Not only are they a great cover band but they allow everyone to come up and sing Karaoke with them.  I can personally say that nothing is more fun than singing in front of a real band.  And with a world class cover band behind you it  doesn't get any better.

 Everyone should try them at least once.  (Maybe more:)

th them.  I can personally say that nothing is more f




TThese guys were big in Europe  the same time my band Peace & Quiet was charting there.  They are "headliner" quality and are sure to be big again. 

Don't miss your chance to catch these rising stars of hard rock.



These guys are one of the best bands in the Salt Lake Area right now.  They have great songs and stage presence.I heard these guys at the LthA Guns concert and they blew me away.  They


These guys are one of the "tightest" bands around.  Their lead singer is incredible.  They are currently breaking across the country and have the potential to be a huge act.  Request their song "Brave" on you favorite radio station and help them out.  They deserve it.





web site:            :

Great musicians, Great songs.  What more can I say?




A great rockin' band

Tommy Had a Vision

  Watch for them on  Retrospect Records

Is.  What more can I say.


Under the gun   Their "hot line" is:  801-468-6270

One of Salt Lake's best cover bands featuring music from the 60's and 70's.



  Currently one of Salt Lake's best 80's hair metal band.  You got to see their show.




I personally know Mike the lead singer and he is a great person to work with.  The band has been around a while and they are very good.




Winners of the 2005 Utah Idol band contest


Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band

Now on the capital records label.  Good luck Ryan you guys deserve it.


Rock Daddy
Good old fashioned Rock And Roll!


Ghostowne    Great Country Rock  MP3's


eN Free MP3's    View CD
Really good quality AOR rock